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Berlin Wall in Lithuania

Visitors who come to Berlin often wonder: “What happened to the Berlin Wall?” I found a chunk of it in Lithuania, at Europos Parkas, an outdoor art museum. To address any suspicions about larceny: it was a gift by the Federal … Continue reading

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A truly secluded location

Compared with the people living in these houses which I photographed from the train to the Montenegrin mountains, Henry David Thoreau lived in the center of civilization. You may need to click on the photos in order to enlarge them … Continue reading

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Belgrade at Dusk

I could somehow reconstruct the names and purposes of all these buildings with a map, but I hope that some of my readers from Belgrade will do this much more easily. :-)

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Where the Gondolas are made

Deep in Venice, between all the ostentatious palaces, the churches, cathedrals and museums, there are a few wooden sheds, so out of place as if they had just arrived this morning with the train from South Tyrol. This is where carpenters make … Continue reading

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You don’t need to watch “Everest”

When you watch the trailer for Everest, you may well get the feeling that you have seen it all before: the mountains, the snow, the storm, the helicopter, the drama, the danger, the good-looking tough guy risking his life for … Continue reading

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The Mosque next to the Synagogue

Researching for my trip to South America, I came across this little country that I knew nothing about – Suriname – and its capital city – Paramaribo – which I couldn’t have named before. And then I saw this photo … Continue reading

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Aerodrom Podgorica

The airport (“aerodrom”) in Podgorica, Montenegro: Ok, this is not the airport, but it is the train station for the airport. Unfortunately, I only found out about it later. When I arrived, I asked the lady at the airport information … Continue reading

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