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Sunset Warning

I am working at my desk, angry about another day having almost passed with less than half of my to-do list completed, when I spot something glaring through the window. What is this? A fire in a neighbor’s apartment? A small nuclear … Continue reading

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Snow, Ice, Mud and Mountains – Half Marathon in Brasov

I had gathered from the map of the course that the half marathon in Brașov (Romania) would be a bit mountainous. It actually looked more like an alpine hiking map. The difference in altitude to be overcome was indicated as 650 meters … Continue reading

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Warthogs over Romania

The sound of fighter jets, war planes and bombers causes fear and terror in some people, but delight in me. When the supersonic planes roar in the distance, I drop everything and turn my excited face toward the sky, admiring both the engineering … Continue reading

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Tonight in Târgu Mureș

From my kitchen window in Târgu Mureș, I enjoyed this view tonight while cooking my famous pasta bolognese.

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Bosača – Does anyone live here?

On Mount Ćurevac I had been completely engulfed by fog. It was still bitterly cold. From the surrounding forests of Montenegro the dogs, wolves and bears were barking. The days in October are short. Daylight might last just long enough for … Continue reading

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The Bahai and their Rules

If I may join the English-speaking tour at 12 o’clock, I inquire from the guard in front of the iron gate. The enormous gardens of the Bahai religion dominate the cityscape of Haifa. The landmark of the third-largest city of the … Continue reading

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Cable Clutter

In Prilep, Macedonia: In Romania (photo by Dominik Lenz):

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