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Burn after Reading

After the semi-successful completion of my mission in Romania, it’s time to move again. That means that I have to go through the same protocol as with every other move before. Step 1 Burn all documents about the completed mission. For that … Continue reading

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“How can you afford to travel so much?”

I get this question so often that I could launch into a speech explaining that traveling doesn’t need to cost much. In my case, I actually save money by traveling because I can live more cheaply in most countries than I could if … Continue reading

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The worst thing about MH17

Death in itself is nothing to fear. We know it will happen, and we know it has to happen, for otherwise the world would become even more crowded. It is the time and the manner of death that we fear. Regarding … Continue reading

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Why does the rest of the world not know about Târgu Mureș? It’s a conspiracy!

Târgu Mureș is a beautiful and cute town in Romania, in the heart of Transylvania, with friendly people, an interesting history, the most romantic boulevard in Europe and a spectacular Palace of Culture. Yet, outside of Romania, nobody has ever heard of it. … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (56) Water

Where we find water: on Mars, between 34 and 250 million miles away Where we can’t provide safe drinking water to around 750 million people: our own planet Sorry, poor people, but this whole space thing is much more exciting.

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The whole Internet in one GIF

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Dangerous or cute?

“Don’t open. Danger of death!” the scribbling warns, but putting a smiley face on the skull and crossbones makes it look much less threatening. Photographed at the Monastery of the Three Hierarchs in Iași, Romania.

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