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Romania celebrates Same-Sex Marriage

That was quick: On 26 June 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that states must allow same-sex couples to get married. Still on 26 June 2015, responding with their usual speed, efficiency and compassion, all Romanian municipalities and government agencies declared their … Continue reading

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What Satanic Rituals are happening in Targu Mures?

Hiking through the forest behind the zoo in Targu Mures, Romania, I spotted this spooky bundle strapped to an innocent tree. It was hidden far from the path, as if some secret society did not want to scare the hiking … Continue reading

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Flowers are Evil

I was never one to get flowers for girls (or boys, for that matter). The non-recipients of flowers attributed this to my stinginess, my forgetfulness or my general ignorance of other people’s wishes or feelings. But now I have proof … Continue reading

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Fan Mail: “I will pray for you”

Some of the most annoying mails I receive are from people who believe they need to pray for me or belittle my decision to be an atheist in other ways, usually in a condescending tone. This one is just the latest … Continue reading

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A harmless church

When churches look like this, I like them. Nobody is being indoctrinated here anymore. Nobody is being preached hokum here anymore. No longer does a medieval organization attempt to influence life and politics from here. No longer is this a place where … Continue reading

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But what shall we worship?

During a hike in the Szeklerland in Romania, I came across a neat church in the village of Tâmpa. Besides the refreshing and strong blue color, its most interesting aspect was the absence of any cross, statue of Jesus or Mary, paintings of saints … Continue reading

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Two guys walk 60 km to eat a soup.

A friend from Târgu Mureș asked me last Sunday if I felt like “going on a little hike to the hills outside of town”. Of course I felt like it. He wanted to hike to Miercurea Nirajului. I didn’t know exactly where that … Continue reading

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