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When terrorism was a women’s issue

Remember when your grandmother told you about her time with the Suffragettes, the women campaigning for voting rights in early 20th-century Britain? But they did not only pass out pamphlets, give speeches and sit around knitting and drinking tea. No, some of … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz on Gun Violence

You missed the news about the latest mass shooting ? Don’t worry, there will be another one this week. The only good thing about this high number of killings is that it provides a lot of data. We can compare … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (50) Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber 1: Dumb and Dumber 2: Dumb and Dumber 3: Ok, that’s unfair to some of these gentlemen. But you will see what I mean when you will watch the debate tonight. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband presents new Labour leader

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Sad Things (13) Postcard from Viktor Orbán

Returning from a two-week holiday, I was excited to open my mailbox as soon as I came home. I expected parcels, fan mail, magazines and postcards from around the world. You can imagine my disappointment when, upon my return from the Balkans … Continue reading

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My thoughts on the Romanian Presidential Election 2014

Yesterday, we had the second round of Presidential elections here in Romania. When the exit polls put the two remaining candidates, Victor Ponta (currently the Prime Minister) and Klaus Iohannis (currently the mayor of Sibiu), neck-to-neck, it started to become an … Continue reading

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Frugality is a Virtue

I am a very stingy person. I wear my father’s old shirts. I wear shoes with holes. I don’t have a car. I walk in the rain to save the bus fare. I never buy anything new if the old … Continue reading

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