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When politics was still civil

The letter left by George Bush Sr. for his successor Bill Clinton:

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Thoughts of the Day

Every day, my head, my notebooks and pieces of paper all over my apartment rapidly fill up with ideas about articles, comments on current affairs and links to other interesting stuff which I want to turn into stories. Some time. But … Continue reading

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Mourning in Thailand

I always find it strange when a country needs to order a “period of mourning”. Isn’t mourning a personal decision, or even a reflex? What if you just cannot be heart-broken about the death of King Bhumibol of Thailand because … Continue reading

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I found Donald Trump’s barber

Photographed in Arica, Chile.

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A candidate who doesn’t know when the election is

Maybe an indication that the actual election is the last thing Donald Trump cares about. And with new damning revelations being published every day, no wonder he is asking people to vote early.

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I met Joe Biden on Easter Island.

As you know, I am currently hiking on Easter Island. Today, as I wanted to make siesta in the shadows of the stone statues, I spotted a familiar face. First, I thought it was some random man who happened to … Continue reading

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Where George W. Bush is still popular

I have never seen a “George W. Bush Boulevard” or “George W. Bush Square” anywhere in the world. For some reason, he is not very popular anymore. I am not even sure if there is any “George W. Bush Street” in … Continue reading

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