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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Hidden in the labyrinth of the Old City of Jerusalem, it looks rather unimpressive from the outside. You could almost walk past the church that was built over the spot of Jesus’ crucifixion and his grave without noticing that there is … Continue reading

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This blog has a lot of sunsets, some sunrises and a few photos of the moon. What has been lacking so far are photos of a moonrise. My father, who is the real photographer in the family, has captured one:

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Cerro Rico: The Mountain that eats Men

My breathing is heavy. Never before have I been to a place as high in altitude – at about 4,300 meters – and as low in oxygen. But neither can I rest, nor can I enjoy the view. Instead, I descend into … Continue reading

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Sea Surveillance

Even on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, you are being watched.

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For the Fitness Fanatics

Always remember: This reminder was photographed on the cruise ship Sovereign, with which I crossed the Atlantic. The reason for the temporary limitation of physical activity was that the jogging route went around deck 7 and was exactly above the suites on deck … Continue reading

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We even used to have a theater.

Lencois in Brazil is a typical town that had a boom (diamonds, in this case) and then a bust. Recently, tourism has revived it a bit. But where diamond miners still cared about music, opera and theater, tourists don’t. And another … Continue reading

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You know you live in a rough neighborhood…

… if your neighbor puts up the horns of a bull next to his gate. (Photographed in the very peaceful village of Tiwanaku in Bolivia.)

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