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Why it’s not easy to talk to bloggers

I admit that one of the reasons for setting up my blog was that I had gotten tired of answering the same question more than once, even if asked by different people. The other danger of talking to bloggers is that … Continue reading

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My First Day at School

In Germany, on your first day of school your parents prepare a “Schultüte” for you, which is full of sweets and pencils and crayons and other useful stuff for school. This must have been in 1982.

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Monday Morning

Monday morning. The beginning of a new week. A fresh start. Well-rested, with enough sleep and an empowering breakfast behind you, you get to the office. Your desk is still empty, as is the e-mail inbox. Slowly and with a relaxed pace, you … Continue reading

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“But we can remain friends.”

“But we can remain friends,” she suggested, trying to sound reassuring. How silly! Why would anyone want a female friend if he already has male friends? To wait an extra 30 minutes each time we agree to meet? To talk about shopping for shoes instead … Continue reading

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Video Blog: A Busy Day at Work

I often receive reactions of surprise when I point out that I don’t have time to accept invitations to meetings, to get something done or to answer your e-mails. But I am really extremely busy. To counter the incredulous astonishment that regularly meets this assertion, … Continue reading

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Being different is nothing bad

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I am craving you like crazy

My last thoughts before falling asleep are about you. When I wake up in the morning, you are the first thing I think about. And in between, I dream of you. When we are together – which happens far too … Continue reading

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