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Patriotism in Venice

The Italian flag, plus some other stylish textiles, in Venice:

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Terrible Street

No matter how terrible you have been, you can still get a street named after you. At least in Brindisi, Italy.

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The End of the Rainbow

Finally I have discovered where the end of the rainbow is: off the coast of Sicily. (Photographed from the roof of my home in Rometta Marea on 16 October 2013.)

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Did you notice the Irony? (20) EXPO Milan

Ever since the Watergate scandal, the suffix -gate is used to denote scandals, cases of corruption and other complex illegal activities. At this year’s EXPO in Milan, Italy, the planners or architects have already provided for the likelihood of corruption, … Continue reading

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Painting the Ship

Yes, these cruise ships are really that huge. (Photographed in Messina, Sicily, Italy.)

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Stairway to Heaven

Photographed at Capo Milazzo in Sicily.

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Danger to Life!

“Danger to life,” the sign warns – apparently without finding much attention, as indicated by the hundreds of graves next to it. (Seen at the cemetery in Bari in Italy.)

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