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The Bahai and their Rules

If I may join the English-speaking tour at 12 o’clock, I inquire from the guard in front of the iron gate. The enormous gardens of the Bahai religion dominate the cityscape of Haifa. The landmark of the third-largest city of the … Continue reading

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Half Marathon in Jerusalem

Tomorrow I will run the Jerusalem half marathon. Usually such long-distance runs kick off at 10 a.m. Not in Jerusalem: the runners will set off at 6:45 in the morning. The biorhythm wonders whether it’s already light that early. But it … Continue reading

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Next trip: Israel

From 8 to 22 March 2015, I will be in Israel. “… I will be in Israel again,” I should say because this will be about my fifteenth or twentieth time to visit Israel. But six years have passed since my last trip. Why go … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (46) Exodus

Exodus (2014), a crappy film (based on the trailer): Exodus (1960), a very good film: New is not always better.

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Moser’s Ark

If ever there will be a great flood again and I would be the one tasked with saving the animals, there would only be enough space for a few cats and squirrels. (In the port of Acre, Israel.)

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Am I too late for the war?

Sorry, but my tank got stuck on the Golan Heights. But let’s get serious now: why haven’t I written anything yet on the skirmish between Israel and Gaza? There are two reasons. First, I had been on holiday, and when I … Continue reading

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Ariel Sharon, 1928-2014

Because Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister from 2001 to 2006, didn’t really do anything for the past 8 years, some of the obituaries published today were probably written by journalists (or interns) who have passed away themselves in the meantime. … Continue reading

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