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Dinner by Lake Titicaca

I only had – as always, for reasons of economy – a plate of quinoa soup and the Bolivian national drink Coca Cola, but the view was edifying enough. I had just returned from a hike to the uninhabited Kakayo Queña peninsula … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (58) Llamas

Llama at Lake Titicaca: Llama on Isla del Sol: Llama with curry:

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Catching Dinner is a Lonely Job

(Seen at Capo Milazzo in Sicily on 28 December 2013.)

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Food in Cochabamba

Some of you have been asking what we eat in Bolivia. A lot and rather unhealthy, I always answered. Now there is a video to illustrate what I meant with that. Cochabamba is known as the culinary capital of Bolivia, but … Continue reading

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A polite coffee

At a café in Sibiu, Romania: One coffee – 6 lei One coffee please – 3 lei Good morning, one coffee please – 2 lei Polite, as I always am, I get a really good deal here. 2 lei are 50 US-cents.

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Easily Confused (54) Impaling

Impaling in the 15th century: Impaling in the 21st century: No wonder this method of barbecuing pork is popular in Transylvania. Poor pigs. :-( After seeing this photo, I think I will become vegetarian for a week or so. (Thanks … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz on Gun Violence

You missed the news about the latest mass shooting ? Don’t worry, there will be another one this week. The only good thing about this high number of killings is that it provides a lot of data. We can compare … Continue reading

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