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What is American Football?

I never understood American Football. I once stayed with a friend in Kentucky for a couple of days who tried to explain it to me while watching endless matches, but the minutiae of the rules never stuck with me for … Continue reading

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“The Life of Pie”

In my house, The Life of Pie is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”, as Thomas Hobbes would have put it. Well, this was definitely better than the film which had no pie in it at all.

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Easily Confused (46) Exodus

Exodus (2014), a crappy film (based on the trailer): Exodus (1960), a very good film: New is not always better.

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Video Blog: Climbing the Fortress of Kotor

In Kotor, the most beautiful coastal town in Montenegro, there was an easy (yet still exhausting) way to get to the fortress. And there was a hard way. Guess which one I picked. (Hier gibt es das Video auf Deutsch.)

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The ultimate James Bond compilation

In a year without any new James Bond film, fans like me spend hours days weeks on YouTube re-watching favorite scenes, listening to the soundtracks and looking for new compilations and other videos put together by fellow fans. The best compilation I … Continue reading

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Conceptions. Misconceptions?

A cutely animated film about what people in one part of the world think about people in other parts of the world. Yes, we do have horse-drawn carriages in Eastern Europe. And yes, I also describe life in Germany like working … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Tara Canyon in Montenegro

One of my daredevil hikes in the Durmitor mountains in Montenegro led me to the summit of Mount Ćurevac (1,625 m = 5,331 ft), from where you can look down to Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe. Or rather could, if the clouds hadn’t gotten in … Continue reading

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