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Watching “The Artist” made me a better writer

___.______. _______________? _______: ___________________. ______________. _________________. ______. __________! _______: _______________. __________________. ___________________, ______________. ______________; ________. __________________________________. __________. _______!

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Trailer for my Adventures in Brazil

Ever since I announced that I will move to Brazil in November 2015, speculation about what I will do there has been rampant. Drugs wars? Revolutions? Looking for ancient treasures? Hunting illegal loggers? Bringing the last Nazis still hiding in … Continue reading

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The safest time to travel to Africa? Marula season!

If you have been putting off your trip to Africa because you are afraid of aggressive and large animals like elephants, lions, gnus, hippos or giraffes running you over, here’s a solution for you: Go in summer when the marula fruit … Continue reading

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Târgu Mureș: Time for Treevenge!

The municipality of Târgu Mureș in Romania is on a tree-cutting mission. This morning, they have begun to fell trees on Europe’s most romantic boulevard. I am dedicating the following film to all those in city hall who are involved in … Continue reading

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First Trailer for James Bond “Spectre”

We still have to wait until 6 November 2015 for the new James Bond film Spectre to be released, but here is a first teaser: I am not too happy to see the storyline from Skyfall being continued and characters … Continue reading

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What is American Football?

I never understood American Football. I once stayed with a friend in Kentucky for a couple of days who tried to explain it to me while watching endless matches, but the minutiae of the rules never stuck with me for … Continue reading

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“The Life of Pie”

In my house, The Life of Pie is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”, as Thomas Hobbes would have put it. Well, this was definitely better than the film which had no pie in it at all.

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