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Fan Mail: “I will pray for you”

Some of the most annoying mails I receive are from people who believe they need to pray for me or belittle my decision to be an atheist in other ways, usually in a condescending tone. This one is just the latest … Continue reading

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Fan mail: Jealousy

Some people really take Facebook too seriously. Because I only check my messages once every few weeks, the guy had already deactivated his profile by the time I saw his threats, his change of heart and his apology. Maybe he … Continue reading

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Wasting Time

A few years ago, I installed the Chess application on Facebook and played rather regularly with people from all over the world. With one of these virtual chess partners I played almost every day, sometimes for hours on end, often … Continue reading

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Sad Things (# 1) Where is the Cat?

It is not advisable to write about positive things only because it would evoke jealousy in the reader. (I just heard about a study on the radio which investigated how depressed people get from browsing their friends’ Facebook profiles, especially … Continue reading

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Easily Confused, # 6

The Twitter/Facebook revolution: The YouTube riots:

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Don’t buy Facebook shares!

A few friends of mine in California calling themselves “Facebook” asked me if I want to buy 421 million of their shares at 38 $ a pop. I did a quick calculation and noticed that I don’t have enough money. Because … Continue reading

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Life after Facebook

I don’t want to pretend that I came to the decision to leave Facebook after much deliberation and after carefully weighing the pros and cons, the privacy concerns and shallowness of many of the posts and the wasted time with … Continue reading

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