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Fan Mail: “I will pray for you”

Some of the most annoying mails I receive are from people who believe they need to pray for me or belittle my decision to be an atheist in other ways, usually in a condescending tone. This one is just the latest … Continue reading

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Fan mail: Jealousy

Some people really take Facebook too seriously. Because I only check my messages once every few weeks, the guy had already deactivated his profile by the time I saw his threats, his change of heart and his apology. Maybe he … Continue reading

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Wasting Time

A few years ago, when I still had my personal Facebook account, I installed the Chess application and played rather regularly with people from all over the world. With one of these virtual chess partners I played almost every day, … Continue reading

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Sad Things (# 1) Where is the Cat?

It is not advisable to write about positive things only because it would evoke jealousy in the reader. (I just heard about a study on the radio which investigated how depressed people get from browsing their friends’ Facebook profiles, especially … Continue reading

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Easily Confused, # 6

The Twitter/Facebook revolution: The YouTube riots:

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Don’t buy Facebook shares!

A few friends of mine in California calling themselves “Facebook” asked me if I want to buy 421 million of their shares at 38 $ a pop. I did a quick calculation and noticed that I don’t have enough money. Because … Continue reading

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My Facebook Page

No, I still won’t be on Facebook as a person. Please continue to refrain from bombarding me with your status updates about what you had for breakfast, how you like the weather or what you’re watching on TV. I don’t … Continue reading

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