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Mobile Copy Shop

Everyone knows that situation: You need to photocopy a few pages from a book because you need to return it to the library, but you don’t have a copy machine on hand or your secretary has skipped work again. In Sucre in … Continue reading

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What is the SS Marching Band doing in Bolivia?

On average, you are awoken by marching bands in Bolivia twice per week and at least once per week you will be prevented from falling asleep at night by a marching band and fireworks. I generally like this, and it’s much better … Continue reading

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“The New Yorker” confirms my warning about terrorist geeks

My theory about profiling #geeks as #terrorists, confirmed by the @NewYorker. Thanks to @33375a ! Continue reading

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“The rector wants to see you!”

As a student at Belgrade University, you follow such an invitation with pleasure, as it takes you to one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. And after receiving the surprising news that your scholarship was granted, you can relax in studentski park across the street. In … Continue reading

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My First Day at School

In Germany, on your first day of school your parents prepare a “Schultüte” for you, which is full of sweets and pencils and crayons and other useful stuff for school. This must have been in 1982.

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Isn’t it funny how people who claim to be dyslexic never have any problem spelling “dyslexia”, not exactly one of the easier words in English, while they feign inability to grasp the difference between “there” and “their”? I can’t help but … Continue reading

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Is there a discount if I get MA and PhD at the same time?

You can tell that something is wrong with higher education when university degrees are advertised at “999 €” prices like bicycles or package holidays. (European University in Skopje, Macedonia.)

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