Weather Forecast in Spanish

I never paid too much attention to the weather forecast. After all, I can look outside or analyse the clouds and the flight of the birds myself.

But then I discovered that some weather forecasts are also useful to, ehm, learn Spanish:

I wonder if the presenters also wear season-appropriate clothing in winter.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a journalist, a spy or a hobo.
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7 Responses to Weather Forecast in Spanish

  1. radius says:

    Andreas, sorry to tell you that two of the waether videos are blocked in Germany (#1 and #5), and the remaining three I found absolutely disgusting. Weather girls should be banned, if their intention is to ease our anger about the bad weather by the lewd presentation of their own physical attributes ( I guess thats the first time in my life that I make such a comment). The girls are stupid, and the proper term for them would be “Weather-Sluts” (dt: Wetter-Schlampen).
    Please Andreas, dont fill your blog with these mediocre characters. Imagine your persian girl-friend Maryam reads this. I dont think she will like this, and she would be right !!

  2. Back in the days before cable was wide-spread, one of Chicago’s UHF stations went over to Univision. Initially there were tons of complaints, but once they started showing some of the shows like “Sabado Gigante”, the complaints dropped off sharply – at least from men. ;)
    But hey, don’t sell the home team short. You have some hotties delivering the news in Germany – my personal fave is Monika Jones from DW. Besides good looks and a pleasant demeanor, she has that one most sexiest of attributes – more than two grey cells to rub together! :D

  3. radius says:

    I know that some like Claudia Kleinert a lot (from the south-west TV)

  4. radius says:

    I’d like to refer to Andreas’ own post from April 2011 (“Why hot girls are dumb”)

  5. RADIUS says:

    I knew would like this !!! It must remind you to a law suit, where the general prosecutor confronts the culprit with a his own words, which suddenly read like a clear confession.
    “Angeklagter, haben Sie nicht vor 4 Jahren selbst die Bemerkung “Ich bring den Kerl um” auf einen Notizzettel geschrieben, der glücklicherweise von einem aufmersamen Mitbürger aus der Mülltonne gerettet wurde und dem Gericht hiermit zur Verfügung steht”.

  6. Ryan says:

    You should see the italian ones!

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