Man with Hat

Walking around the cemetery in Piura, I stumbled into a photo shooting. “Wow, what a hot hombre,” the photographer exclaimed and asked me if I wanted to pose for some photos, giving his actual models time for a break. (In reality, he was more taken in by my hat than by me.)

By Edward John Allen

By Edward John Allen

By Edward John Allen

By Edward John Allen

Unfortunately, he didn’t want to take any photos of me and the very attractive Peruvian girls together.

(Thanks to Edward Allen for the photos and to Tzigania Project for the hat.)

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Video: Solving the Mystery of Easter Island

Easter Island is shrouded in mysteries. Where did the first inhabitants come from? How did they manage to cross the Pacific Ocean? Why did they do it? What is the point of the stone statues across the whole island? How could people without sophisticated technology move and erect huge pieces of rock (up to 15 meters tall)? Why were all the moai, as they are called, toppled and pushed over?

That’s right, they were once all toppled by the islanders themselves.

Everyone knows photos like this.


But in reality, only a few of the statues have been put up again, and very recently. All across the island, most places look like this.


Still, the big question remains: how could people move such huge stones? I can reveal the secret. It’s the material. It is a special kind of stone with lots of air bubbles inside, which is actually very light, called tuff. But look for yourself:

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Religious Running

South America is so religious, even the routes for races are laid out in the shape of a cross.


By the way, I really miss the Abraham-Lincoln-Park in Cochabamba. Beautiful place for running and reading.

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The worst year for human health

1492 must have been the worst year for human health.

  • Latin Americans got deadly diseases, alcohol and bacon.
  • Europeans got diarrhea, chocolate and tobacco.

“We will bring donuts with the next ship.”

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A Humidor for the Poor

Among us connoisseurs: a fridge is just as good.

cigars in fridge.JPG

I learnt this from the store in Cochabamba where I regularly bought cheap (probably because they weren’t quite authentic) Cohibas. They stored the box with cigars on top of the beer cans in the fridge. The cigars were excellently fresh, as if they had just arrived with the Tupolev from Havana.

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Thoughts of the Day 2

  1. I am still getting up every day before 6 am. But because of that, I need a pizza or a steak at 10 am at the latest and by noon I am already smoking cigars.
  2. Dear Donald Trump, “she’s not my type” is neither a valid nor a smart defense against charges of sexual assault.
  3. Bob Dylan. Another Nobel literature laureate of whom I have never read a book. But this time I feel less uneducated about it than in the years before.
  4. Maybe the Eurovision Song Contest could let a book win the next time.
  5. I am so nervous ahead of the US presidential election that I am checking the latest polls at least once a day.
  6. If there was only one airline in the world, I would already have collected enough miles for a free flight.
  7. I may put “professional party pooper” on my next business cards.
  8. I do not agree with him on all the issues and I am not really a conservative, but Evan McMullin sounds like the most intelligent and thoughtful candidate in the US presidential election so far.mcmullin
  9. When I read news like the one about a man in a Batman costume chasing other people in clown costumes, I realize that I miss the United Kingdom a bit. I have never lived in a funnier country.
  10. Maybe there will be cigars with rocoto taste one day.
  11. Why is there no BDS movement against Donald Trump?
  12. Today in a corner shop in Mollendo in Peru: “Sorry, I don’t stock lighters or cigarettes because it would tempt me to start smoking again.” Me: “Ok, then I will take two pieces of the cake. That’s better for my health anyway.” “Much better” the friendly lady confirms and adds a third piece for free.
  13. The question I am most tired of: “Do you have WhatsApp?”
  14. Do these two guys also remind you of Beavis & Butthead?

And now I am going to watch the last presidential debate of the year. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be happy that they will never have to see each other again.

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When politics was still civil

The letter left by George Bush Sr. for his successor Bill Clinton:


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