First Trailer for James Bond “Spectre”

We still have to wait until 6 November 2015 for the new James Bond film Spectre to be released, but here is a first teaser:

I am not too happy to see the storyline from Skyfall being continued and characters from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace popping up again. All of the older James Bond films did have minor references to other films, but they were completely comprehensible to a newcomer. With this continued storyline and the overload of references, I fear that people who aren’t huge fans won’t enjoy the film as much. Not everyone can be expected to watch the last three films in one session before going to see Spectre. Also, is Mr White trying to copy my hobo look?

Ever since I saw Inglourious Basterds in 2009, I was hoping for Christoph Waltz to play a villain in a James Bond film, so I am looking forward to that.

The part in the trailer about James Bond’s past and the shot of a “temporary order of guardianship” fills me with dismay. The films used to benefit from James Bond being the guy without an interesting past. I don’t want to hear any more about his parents, his siblings and whether he had a dog or a cat when he was a young boy. I want to see contemporary plots with interesting twists. If it will turn out that James Bond is somehow connected to the villain and this connection dates back to his childhood, I will yawn out loud in the cinema.

In any case, I might be on Gran Canaria at the time of the movie release, waiting for my boat to Brazil, so I will have to watch it in Spanish, understanding very little, much like Quantum of Solace which I saw in Mexico in 2008.

(Hier gibt es den Trailer und meinen Kommentar auf Deutsch.)

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Mein Kampf

While in Germany the debate is still raging whether an annotated version of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” should be published after the copyright protection will expire (I am in favor of such a publication, because what do we do historical research for, if its results won’t be published), in Romania it is being shown in theater. That’s what I thought, not without some consternation, when I saw this poster outside the National Theater in Cluj-Napoca:

Mein Kampf Plakat

Mein Kampf TheaterResearch carried out once I got home revealed that the only thing giving rise to consternation are the gaps in my arts education. “Mein Kampf” is an anti-Nazi farce about the young Adolf Hitler by the Hungarian director George Tabori.

(Diesen Beitrag auf Deutsch lesen.)

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I was only gone for two weeks…

Returning home from two weeks of traveling, I step on the balcony to air out my sneakers, which I had been wearing without interruption for far too long. That is when I notice the new tenant which has moved in while I had been gone.

Nest1Of all the prefabricated balconies in the neat residential area, mine must have been the most inactive one, so that the bird couple selected it as its nesting place.

Unfortunately the pigeon is scared and flutters up each time I step on the balcony. Because I don’t want to disturb the brooding of the egg, I am very careful whenever I move onto my balcony now. Slowly, the birds are getting used to me. – Does anyone know how long the hatching process takes? I hope my balcony won’t need to be declared a bird sanctuary zone for the whole summer.


By the way, I don’t put my shoes on the balcony anymore. I don’t want the bird baby to be born with any deformations.

If you are interested, I will keep you posted about further developments.

(Zur deutschen Fassung.)

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Taking Photos in the Romanian Winter

On Lake Bâlea in Romania in December. More than 2,000 meters above sea level. It has been cold long enough for the lake to be completely frozen. We are walking on ice. It has been snowing long enough for the ice to be covered, so that it’s impossible to tell when we are on the lake and when on land. The fog is so dense that we can hardly see the people next to us. An icy wind is bringing ever more snow.


When you stand still for a few seconds to pose for the photographer, you start turning into a snowman. If I had remained standing there for a minute, I probably would have been completely covered in snow. Or frozen to death due to the chilling wind.


And when the photographer takes a few steps back for a wider angle, he is almost out of sight. A few more steps and I would have been completely lost.

Winterfoto3I really liked it there. The forces of nature felt invigorating. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hang around too long because there a storm warning was issued (this weather was the normal weather) and we had to catch the last cable car into the valley.

(Thanks to my brother for taking the photos, which is a tough job up there because you can’t hide your hands in your pocket. – Zur deutschen Fassung.)

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Germanize Yourself

Thanks to my FAQ on German citizenship law and my professional help, hundreds of additional people each year are able to obtain German citizenship and/or move to Germany. – But once there, the real problems begin. If you want to blend right in, you may have to adapt the way you dress, the way you act, the way you talk and maybe even the way you think. Here are some first ideas:

Germanize yourself 10 steps

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Heil Santa

In Sighișoara in Romania, Santa Claus greeted me with a Nazi salute (albeit with his left arm). The large number of German-speaking Romanians whom I met in Sighișoara are hopefully a mere coincidence and not evidence of a secret fascist cell being formed.

Heil Santa(Photo by Dominik Lenz. – Zur deutschsprachigen Seite.)

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Mountain Air

Enjoying the mountain air at the Curmătura refuge in the Piatra Craiului Mountains in Romania.

Zigarre Berg 1Zigarre Berg 2

(Photos by Dominik Lenz.)

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