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Ryanair “Low-Cost Bus” not low-cost at all

When booking a ticket for a flight with Ryanair, they will try to sell you health insurance, suitcases, ski equipment and text messages, all of them at an extra charge of course. The booking process is tedious (which other company … Continue reading

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Where the **** is Spring?

It’s April. It’s Easter. Spring should have begun 10 days ago. But this morning, the view from my window looked like this: Vilnius looked like this: And because the Easter bunny had frozen to death, we had to make our own … Continue reading

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Couchsurfing knows who is attractive

For its page about Vilnius, Couchsurfing chose the photos of the most handsome and attractive couchsurfers in that city. Guess whose photo they picked for the number one spot of that gallery? Exactly. That’s me.

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If I described it to you, you would think it was ugly.

If you asked me “how was your day today?”, I could tell you that it is still winter, it is terribly cold, a snowstorm has been ravaging all day, I live in a Soviet-era apartment block made out of pre-fabricated … Continue reading

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How cold is it?

Question: How cold is it in Lithuania? Answer: It is so cold that I saw this “icy” icon in the Google weather forecast for the first time. Not snow, not hail, just ice. But honestly, it’s not that bad. You … Continue reading

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Sad Things (# 1) Where is the Cat?

It is not advisable to write about positive things only because it would evoke jealousy in the reader. (I just heard about a study on the radio which investigated how depressed people get from browsing their friends’ Facebook profiles, especially … Continue reading

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If you elect a woman as President…

If you elect a woman as President, she will turn the Presidential palace into a kitschy Cinderella castle. (photographed in Vilnius, Lithuania on 7 December 2012)

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An evening stroll, the sun and the sky

Every day, you should go for a walk or a run or a bike ride. At least once. Twice is better. It may be good for your health, but it’s definitely good for your spirit. Early mornings and evenings are … Continue reading

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All Saints’ Night in Vilnius

For All Saints’ Day (1 November), which is something like the Christian version of Halloween, it is customary to visit the cemetery and leave flowers and candles behind for the deceased relatives and friends. The custom seems to be respected … Continue reading

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Vingio Parkas in Autumn

With Vingio parkas, I have a large urban forest just around the corner from where I live in Vilnius. Now in autumn, it’s interesting to go there every couple of days because the colour of the leaves changes so quickly. … Continue reading

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