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Easily Confused, # 12

Registering with university for the new term, it dawned on me: Continuing registration is better than continuing resignation.

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Is university worth it?

A recent¬†Freakonomics podcast “Is college worth it?”¬†was sadly centered on the economic returns of studying and on US colleges, but one student of economics and philosophy had this universally applicable answer: If a bunch of people from the community sat … Continue reading

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High Expectations

As I am studying Philosophy and Economics, I couldn’t resist to share this study that analyses the mathematical and verbal aptitudes of students in different courses and reaches – inter alia – the following conclusion: “Philosophers are the smartest humanists, … Continue reading

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MA Philosophy at the Open University

Good news: I will be a student again! I have been accepted into a programme for an MA in Philosophy to begin in January 2011. Philosophy should be both interesting and challenging enough to enable my brain and my mind … Continue reading

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