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But cigars are permitted

I discovered this rather selective smoking ban in a deserted village on the island of Caprera off Sardinia.

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Enjoy the Sunset!

I already explained how to photograph a sunset in a very detailed step-by-step guide. Today, I will show you how to enjoy a sunset. It’s much easier:

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Good Intentions

A few weeks ago I determined that I need to lose weight. Since then I realised that my willpower alone would not do it and that I need to change my diet (which so far has consisted mainly of chocolate, … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam (1) Cigar

My first attempt at travel poetry: I went to the bazaar in Kandahar and bought a cigar from a guy called Bashar.   Don’t worry. I will continue to write predominantly in prose. (Zur deutschen Version.)

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Celebrations at NASA

This is what 2.5 billion $ get you at NASA: a room full of people hugging each other. And for that, you don’t even get cigars which used to be part of any proper NASA celebration.

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A Place to Smoke Cigars in Trakai

Today, during my day trip to Trakai in Lithuania, I saw this sign: My Lithuanian is still very bad, but I am sure that “cigarų klubas”, the second sign from the top, means “cigar club”. However, I had already found a … Continue reading

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Smoking Cigars

The following e-mail might have been well-intended, but not only the subject line has too much of a condescending and dismissive tone to it. Subject: Brainwashed by photographs of writers and other intellectuals From: Andy Kopra (andykopra@mac.com) To: Andreas Moser (moser@moser-law.com) … Continue reading

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