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The most segregated place in America

Even after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 put an end to all official segregation, there are still some places in the USA where black and white Americans don’t mix very much. I have often heard that Sunday morning is … Continue reading

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“For the Rest of my Life”

He closed the heavy door behind him as he left the grand house on Westbourne Terrace. It had become too late to catch a bus and anyway, it was still warm enough to walk. After midnight, London was at its … Continue reading

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Film Review: James Bond “Skyfall”

It’s 2012 and time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films which began with Dr. No in 1962. For that reason alone you should watch all James Bond films in chronological order before venturing to watch the … Continue reading

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Palestinians at the Olympic Games, now and then

Palestinians at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich: Palestinians at the 2012 Olympic Games in London: That’s quite an improvement, I would say.

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Easily confused, # 2

British teenagers playing with fire in August 2011: British teenagers playing with fire in August 2012: I found 2011 more exciting.

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Shops that may want to change their name, # 3

Photographed last year during the Tottenham Riots in London (under extreme danger to my own life, I might add): Maybe this was the real cause behind the Tottenham Riots? – Hey Jerk, a bread and a bagel please. – What … Continue reading

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You can’t copy Paris

London, you should not have tried to copy the Eiffel Tower. Even with immense good will on the part of the beholder, it does not look anything like this: With an effort like this, France still doesn’t need to worry … Continue reading

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Queen destroys Big Ben

During last year’s riots in London, the following photo of a burning Big Ben, London’s landmark, made the rounds. The photo was a fake, Big Ben was not hit by the riots. But now Big Ben is really under threat. … Continue reading

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Moving to Lithuania

The journey of your favourite vagabond that began in 2009 with my move to London and last saw me move to Malta continues. I am on the move again after I had briefly returned to London for a few weeks. Even … Continue reading

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This is Britain: “Panem et circenses”

There is a country in Europe which is in a prolonged recession where the university fees for students have been increased threefold to unaffordable amounts where citizens are rioting and looting in the cities which has been ruled by the … Continue reading

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