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How bad is Spain’s Infrastructure?

We keep reading horror stories from the southern European countries about how badly they are affected by the economic crisis. Factories are closing, civil servants are made redundant, the provision of medical services suffers, people emigrate, everything is going downhill. The … Continue reading

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You can tell whether an area is good for hiking or not by the availability of water. Either from natural sources (creeks, waterfalls) or from wells. A few handfuls of cold water are enough to continue walking for many miles, even … Continue reading

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Riding the Volcano

The island of Vulcano, situated off the north coast of Sicily, has an active crater which you can hike up to. It is possible to circumvent the crater on a narrow rim, walking through the smoke and the fumes at times, … Continue reading

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Man and Nature

Man can erect the most beautiful buildings, which last for 2,500 years and still impress with their shape and size, but the surrounding nature is the true source of beauty. The photos show the temple of Segesta, one of the … Continue reading

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The most segregated place in America

Even after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 put an end to all official segregation, there are still some places in the USA where black and white Americans don’t mix very much. I have often heard that Sunday morning is … Continue reading

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Polignano a Mare

A short train ride to the south of Bari is the town of Polignano a Mare, where the houses are situated on top of steep cliffs as if they were scrambling to get the best view on the sea, with at least … Continue reading

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My Home is my Castle

At Castel del Monte in Apulia in Italy, taking notes for my upcoming report about my visit to this extraordinary castle.

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Did you notice the Irony? (11) Climate Refugees

Did you ever notice the irony that lies in us flying to the Maldives, the Seychelles, to Easter Island and everywhere else, thus destroying the world climate with our CO2 emissions, but when climate refugees try to come to Europe … Continue reading

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Moving to Bari

After six months in Sicily, I have come to love this island, which surprised me with its diversity, fascinating landscapes, beautiful cities, interesting islands, great food and genuinely friendly and humorous people. It became home immediately. But it’s time to … Continue reading

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I know what happened to Flight MH370

The plot was already outlined years ago in the Tintin book Flight 714. I wouldn’t be surprised if MH370 could be found on some volcanic island to which it has been abducted. (My recent visits to two volcanic islands have nothing … Continue reading

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