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A Nap at the Mosque

The most practical use offered by mosques is that they are a place of silence. Weary travellers may even use them to take a nap. I took this photo on my first trip to Iran in 2008/2009. This is Jameh … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize 2013 – four perspectives

10 December 2013, Oslo, Norway: The hitherto largely unknown Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) receives the Nobel Peace Prize, is happy about the free publicity, the effects of which surpass those of all its previous image campaigns, … Continue reading

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Google Maps knows what is really dangerous

While planning my next adventure, I asked Google Maps for a suggested route for walking from Pakistan to Syria. From my irregular reading of newspapers and my reading of Karl May’s books a little while longer ago, I thought I … Continue reading

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Do we need UN approval for military intervention?

This article is being written with the situation in Syria in mind, a mind which in my case is frustrated with the almost complete absence of meaningful outside support for the rebels, freedom fighters and people of Syria. But the … Continue reading

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Where is Charlie Wilson when you need him?

Charlie Wilson was a member of the US House of Representatives who in the 1980s lobbied intensively for arming the Afghan rebels against the Soviet Union. He personally secured a lot of the funding for the Afghan Mujahideen from the … Continue reading

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Muslim outrage over “Innocence of Muslims”

This is what Bashar al-Assad thinks about the violent protestsĀ in the Middle East and in Africa against the film Innocence of Muslims: Wow! Good thing that I only bomb mosques and murder thousands of Muslims. If I had made a … Continue reading

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More defections in Syria

After defections by the Syrian Prime MinisterĀ and Syria’s only astronaut, I am just waiting for one more final defection. Asma, you can put an end to this terror!

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Research at the BBC

The BBC ran a report about Syria, Amnesty International and the United Nations Security Council. Next to the Syrian flag and the logo of Amnesty International was what was supposed to be the logo of the United Nations Security Council. … Continue reading

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Women and Children First

“Women and children first” as practised around the world: “Women and children first” as practised by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria: (Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieses Artikels: Frauen und Kinder zuerst.)

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