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Sad Things (12) Terror Transparency

ISIS, the terrorist organization from Syria and Iraq, publish an annual report detailing all their attacks, expenses, acquisitions, strategic goals, new recruits and so on. They even have fancy infographics. You can download the full report here (PDF, 410 pages). The … Continue reading

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FIFA Football World Cup in Qatar 2022: the Scorecard

Exact date of the 2022 World Cup: uncertain, because FIFA was surprised by the existence of hot climate on the Arabian peninsula in mid-summer, when Football World Cups are traditionally held. Amount of bribes paid by Qatar to FIFA members: … Continue reading

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The Truth about Divorce Statistics

There are plenty of figures, numbers and statistics about marriage and divorce, some of them even more conflicting than an arguing couple. To know the truth, you only need to know these two statistics about divorce: The divorce rate would … Continue reading

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Who Kills all the Old People?

I usually dismiss all conspiracy theories. I don’t believe in large groups of people getting together and controlling everything else and nobody, except some blogger in his pyjamas, finding out about it. As a methodological individualist, I generally have a … Continue reading

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Plastic Surgery Statistics

While browsing charts and graphs about property bubbles and purchasing power parity, I came across this chart in The Economist which shows how much plastic surgery is performed in the following countries. There is a lot to be said about … Continue reading

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Shrinking Lithuania

Now I understand why it was so easy to find a beautiful and affordable apartment when I moved to Lithuania: The population of Lithuania is shrinking. It has fallen below 3 million, meaning that this cute little country has lost … Continue reading

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Not so fast, Usain Bolt

Whenever somebody says “Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world”, I cringe. My sense of logic feels under attack by this sentence – and by similar outrageous statements. I am not saying that Usain Bolt could not be … Continue reading

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The Lazy People of Malta

In the most complete study yet of physical activity, covering 122 countries, the people of Malta turned out to be the laziest people in the world. 72% of Maltese don’t get enough exercise, for which they would only need to … Continue reading

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Bird Flu is not that Bad

From time to time, usually when nothing else of interest happens, the news remind us of bird flu (avian flu, H5N1) again. See The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and The Washington Post for examples from the past few days only. It is … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid of the stranger!

My default attitude towards other people is trust. Unless or until I become aware of a reason to mistrust someone, I will trust anyone whom I meet. Because of this I use CouchSurfing when travelling, I host CouchSurfers, I would … Continue reading

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