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Basketball in Scotland

The loneliest basketball court I have ever seen. Somewhere in Scotland, along the West Highland Way. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take a basketball with me on the 154-km hike. When might have been the last time that someone played here?

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He was a Football Fan

(Photographed at the cemetery of Prilep in Macedonia.)

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Video Blog: Final of Football World Cup 2014

Some people use their annual holiday for the Football World Cup. I only noticed that there even is a World Cup after planning my trip to Greece, Macedonia and Albania. I didn’t care, as long as it wouldn’t lead to … Continue reading

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Football World Cup reveals hidden poverty

Poverty in Brazil won’t strike anyone as a surprise, but nobody will care as long as there is a Football World Cup going on. Also, this poverty is kind of compensated by the 2022 World Cup which will be held in Qatar, where … Continue reading

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Bari tonight

I wanted to go outside to take a few photos of fans during the football match Italy versus England, but then I got held up by the moonlit Norman-Swabian Castle: Just in time before the end of the first half, … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (36) Brazil

What the world is enraged about: football stadiums not being completed on time What the world doesn’t care about: poverty, corruption, violence

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Video Blog: Cycling on Sardinia

Last week I was on Sardinia. There were buses and trains, but not very often and not to all of the places I wanted to visit. So I chose a different mode of transport for a few days: The island had … Continue reading

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Bike Theft in Italy

My flatmates in Bari carry their heavy bicycles up to the second floor every day, which I always dismissed as somewhat over-anxious. But then I witnessed how rampant bike theft is here. Look at these gangs of thieves who are getting away … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Giro d’Italia 2014

I just went outside to see why the neighbors are playing opera music and the national anthem and banging wooden sticks on baking trays and pots. The police came by in ever increasing numbers, trying to stop or at least contain the … Continue reading

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Bari by night

Don’t expect a full report about Bari by night. This is merely the photographic journey along one of my jogging routes, which I preferably run in the evening when both traffic and heat have subsided and then the colors of the illuminated … Continue reading

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