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There are more important things than territorial integrity

Democracy and self-determination are great. But nobody should believe that a referendum hastily pulled out of a hat, with limited choices and without a proper prior public debate about the question posed at the polls is a good example of direct … Continue reading

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You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

If Russia will ever seek to dominate the world, you can’t say you haven’t been warned:

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How gay is Vladimir Putin?

Mr Putin as a construction worker: Mr Putin as a soldier: Mr Putin as a cowboy: Mr Putin as a motorbike-riding rocker: Mr Putin with a gun: Mr Putin catching birds to put together his “Red Indian” costume: Mmmhh, where … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (31) Pardons

Thanksgiving pardon in the USA: Christmas pre-Olympic pardon in Russia:

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You think you travel a lot?

You may think that you travel a lot because you have already been to Bali and to Australia. Or, if you are American, you may think you have seen the world after your trip to Rome and Paris. Even I … Continue reading

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The Phone Call from Russia

He loved getting calls from Russia. The international country code was 007. He always wondered what had come first: the assigning of that dialing code to the Soviet Union or the first James Bond novel. He knew that the latter had … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (29) Spies, cold and warm

The spy who came in from the cold: The spy who wants to go to a warm country:

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Easily Confused (18) Easter edition

Easter bunny: Eastern bunny: (Thanks to Stefan Baur for the idea and the magazine cover.)

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Plastic Surgery Statistics

While browsing charts and graphs about property bubbles and purchasing power parity, I came across this chart in The Economist which shows how much plastic surgery is performed in the following countries. There is a lot to be said about … Continue reading

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Inspired by “Casino Royale”

It’s Sunday morning. The rest of the family are at church or have gone swimming, so you have time to watch some of your favourite James Bond films again. Casino Royale is at the top of that list, not least … Continue reading

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