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A Nap at the Mosque

The most practical use offered by mosques is that they are a place of silence. Weary travellers may even use them to take a nap. I took this photo on my first trip to Iran in 2008/2009. This is Jameh … Continue reading

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The End of Al-Qaeda

You could almost feel sorry for Al-Qaeda. Ten years ago, these terrorists were able to make the world tremble with shock and awe (which you can’t really blame them for, because what else would be the purpose of a terrorist … Continue reading

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Flowers are Evil

I was never one to get flowers for girls (or boys, for that matter). The non-recipients of flowers attributed this to my stinginess, my forgetfulness or my general ignorance of other people’s wishes or feelings. But now I have proof … Continue reading

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Inside Al-Qaeda

“Here you are, Emir: the drink that you requested. Cold.” Ahmed smiled as he offered the canned beverage to the older and bearded man sitting on the floor among some pillows and books. His smile could easily have been mistaken for … Continue reading

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Easily confused (30) Brothers

The Brothers Grimm: Grim brothers:

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Did you notice the Irony? (9) Egypt

Egypt continues to be not only a source of bad news and sad news, but also of ironic twists and turns. = = = So the Egyptian military now imposed martial law. This includes a curfew in Cairo and 10 … Continue reading

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Islam is a Country and Jews follow Jesus Christ

The Republican Party in the USA used to have the monopoly for providing us with funny people during otherwise dry election campaigns, but now One Nation in Australia is filling the void in a year in which there is no … Continue reading

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Geeks are killing us

When the Canadian Police announced yesterday that they had arrested two terrorist suspects who had planned to derail a train, I immediately had a picture of them in my mind. A stereotypical picture, but one which is sadly too often … Continue reading

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UNCENSORED: the anti-religious hate video with which it all began

I have been struggling with myself for a long time whether I shall post the unspeakable, disgusting, inflammatory hate video which has lead to the riots in the Middle East and North Africa. I have already pointed out the irony … Continue reading

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The Irony of Islam

I don’t know much about Islam, but I do appreciate the sense of irony that many of its fans display: They protest against the vile and thoughtless claims that Muslims are an angry, violent and dangerous lot by, well, by … Continue reading

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