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Did you notice the irony? (10) Justin Bieber

A 19-year old singer drove a car while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He was arrested. He is a multi-millionaire and will be able to buy a whole law firm to defend him, or – which would be … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Civil War in Palermo

I spent New Year’s Eve and the first couple of days of January 2014 in Palermo, the capital city of Sicily. I only made one New Year’s resolution (although I had previously dismissed those kind of resolutions as bunk) and … Continue reading

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Christmas Earthquake

Waking up and getting up early is something I usually enjoy, but on a cool December morning, 5:20 is a bit too early. Even according to the rigid regiment of my alarm clock, I would had another 70 minutes of … Continue reading

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We don’t need Oil or Gas. We have Vinegar.

At the Lithuania Tribune, someone apparently had too much trust in the automatic spell-check recommendations. The Visegrád Group is a cooperation between Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It was not inspired by any plan to produce more vinegar.

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Another “Humanitarian Crisis”

I woke up this morning, at 0630 mind you, to the radio news of BBC World Service which included a short item about Amnesty International warning of a “humanitarian crisis” in Greece because of the situation of the refugees there. … Continue reading

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Should I get a Twitter?

For years, people asked me if I have a Twitter. I always answered “no”. It took me until recently to realize that this seems to be one of these new fancy technological gadgets. But even after I realized that, the … Continue reading

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Not another historic election

Of course it had to happen with this US election as well. It happens with every election now, whether domestic or international ones. TV anchors, journalists, bloggers and especially the candidates call this “a historic election”. But they almost never explain why. In … Continue reading

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Easily Confused, # 6

The Twitter/Facebook revolution: The YouTube riots:

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Bad Taste in Estonia

I will soon travel to Estonia and it seems I will have to brace myself for a massive amount of bad taste, if not anti-Semitism. First, an Estonian gas company put this photo of the Auschwitz concentration camp on their … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast in Spanish

I never paid too much attention to the weather forecast. After all, I can look outside or analyse the clouds and the flight of the birds myself. But then I discovered that some weather forecasts are also useful to, ehm, … Continue reading

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