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What a Waste of Balloons!

Hundreds of children could have been made happy with all these balloons. But no, people had to misappropriate them for a wedding. (Seen at Capo Milazzo in Sicily on 28 December 2013.) Did you notice that the married couple are … Continue reading

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The Truth about Divorce Statistics

There are plenty of figures, numbers and statistics about marriage and divorce, some of them even more conflicting than an arguing couple. To know the truth, you only need to know these two statistics about divorce: The divorce rate would … Continue reading

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Baltic Pride: The Arguments against Gay Equality

The most puzzling part of the discussion about gay equality and same-sex marriage is how anyone can be opposed to this on reasonable grounds. I never understood what straight people lose when gay people are allowed to marry, for example. … Continue reading

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What will this do to the image of Germany in the USA?

(Found at Freakonomics.) I know that Americans are wondering why somebody from Germany would want to live in America, with the economic and social factors that we enjoy in Germany, with the lack of school and other shootings and with … Continue reading

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The Law can’t Mend a Broken Heart

The law can do a lot. Lawyers can do even more, especially a hot-shot-lawyer like myself. But there is one thing that even I can’t do: I can’t force people to love you or to be faithful. Read this request … Continue reading

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More defections in Syria

After defections by the Syrian Prime Minister and Syria’s only astronaut, I am just waiting for one more final defection. Asma, you can put an end to this terror!

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How to prevent Same-Sex Marriage

Churches, Conservatives, commentators, advocacy groups, politicians, media outlets and other concerned citizens are using all means possible to stop same-sex marriage from becoming legal. They use public information campaigns, they pray, they petition parliaments and file lawsuits in state and … Continue reading

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My Big Fat Gay Wedding

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Wedding: The most beautiful day of your life?

I try to avoid weddings. Actually, I try to avoid anything with a lot of people. But sometimes, very rarely, I attend one, always secretly pitying the groom and thinking of the wedding as a funeral, a funeral of freedom. … Continue reading

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How Osama bin Laden was really found

That the most-wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was finally tracked down after a manhunt that lasted decades has caused admiration for the US intelligence and military (including by me in my post about the killing of Mr bin Laden) as … Continue reading

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