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There are more important things than territorial integrity

Democracy and self-determination are great. But nobody should believe that a referendum hastily pulled out of a hat, with limited choices and without a proper prior public debate about the question posed at the polls is a good example of direct … Continue reading

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A colourful birdhouse

Lithuania is full of beautifully painted wooden houses. The blue, green, red and orange houses manage to add colour even to the longest and coldest of winters. On a visit to Druskininkai I saw that this is not limited to … Continue reading

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We don’t need Oil or Gas. We have Vinegar.

At the Lithuania Tribune, someone apparently had too much trust in the automatic spell-check recommendations. The Visegrád Group is a cooperation between Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It was not inspired by any plan to produce more vinegar.

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Baltic Pride: The Arguments against Gay Equality

The most puzzling part of the discussion about gay equality and same-sex marriage is how anyone can be opposed to this on reasonable grounds. I never understood what straight people lose when gay people are allowed to marry, for example. … Continue reading

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Among Gays: Baltic Pride 2013

It’s my first time taking part in a parade promoting equality for of homo-, bi- and transsexuals, and I probably would not join events like these in my home country of Germany. Not being a fan of large crowds, the … Continue reading

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Sunset at the Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit, the thin strip of land in the Baltic Sea, half of which is Lithuanian and half of which is Russian, is a beautiful place. Large sand dunes covered with pine forests, beautiful little fishing villages with wooden … Continue reading

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Gay Rights in the USA, Eastern Europe and Africa

Today is an important day for gay rights. Washington, D.C., USA on 26 June 2013: After two decisions by the US Supreme Court, one of which struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law which denied … Continue reading

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Bike Theft in Lithuania

When I moved to Lithuania last summer, I was even more lucky than usual. The friendly couple whose apartment I stay at offered me to keep and use their bicycle for the duration of my stay. But they admonished me … Continue reading

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Sea of Flowers

(Photographed in Kaunas, Lithuania.)

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Trakai half marathon

On 12 May 2013, I participated in a half marathon at beautiful Trakai in Lithuania. There were four laps, 5 km each, around the small town and along the shoreline of the lakes. It was very well organised and it was … Continue reading

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