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Ice cold, but romantic

The Curonian Spit is one of the favourite destinations of tourists visiting Lithuania. And rightfully so! But almost all of them come in summer when they can swim in the sea, get tanned on the long sand beaches or enjoy … Continue reading

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Frozen Assets

When you read about “frozen assets” in connection with economic sanctions, you may have been wondering how this process actually works. In February 2013 I could observe it myself in Nida, on the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit. There … Continue reading

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There are more important things than territorial integrity

Democracy and self-determination are great. But nobody should believe that a referendum hastily pulled out of a hat, with limited choices and without a proper prior public debate about the question posed at the polls is a good example of direct … Continue reading

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A colourful birdhouse

Lithuania is full of beautifully painted wooden houses. The blue, green, red and orange houses manage to add colour even to the longest and coldest of winters. On a visit to Druskininkai I saw that this is not limited to … Continue reading

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We don’t need Oil or Gas. We have Vinegar.

At the Lithuania Tribune, someone apparently had too much trust in the automatic spell-check recommendations. The Visegrád Group is a cooperation between Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It was not inspired by any plan to produce more vinegar.

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Baltic Pride: The Arguments against Gay Equality

The most puzzling part of the discussion about gay equality and same-sex marriage is how anyone can be opposed to this on reasonable grounds. I never understood what straight people lose when gay people are allowed to marry, for example. … Continue reading

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Among Gays: Baltic Pride 2013

It’s my first time taking part in a parade promoting equality for of homo-, bi- and transsexuals, and I probably would not join events like these in my home country of Germany. Not being a fan of large crowds, the … Continue reading

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