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For religious reasons

Parent 1: I am too lazy to get up in the morning to get my kids to school. Society: What an evil parent! Parent 2: For religious reasons, I don’t allow my kids to attend school. Society: Respect! – – … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (33) Erasmus students

Young Europeans wasting their lives in 1914: Young Europeans wasting their lives in 1944: Young Europeans wasting their lives in 2014: As much as I question what Erasmus students do during their time abroad, in light of the above comparison even I have … Continue reading

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Utility Outage

This week, I was without electricity (and thus without internet) for half a day after a thunderstorm, I ran out of gas in the kitchen, and I haven’t had water all weekend after the pipe leading to my neighborhood burst. After this experience, … Continue reading

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How to be Happy

For those who don’t have much time or interest in reading a lot today, I’ll give you the summary right away: Leading a happy life boils down to two rules: – Avoid doing things which make you unhappy. – Do more … Continue reading

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The most dangerous item in my house

The most dangerous thing in my house is not the chainsaw. Not the stockpiles of Semtex. Not even the cigars. The most dangerous item in my house is a piece of paper, attached to the wall, showing the map of … Continue reading

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Thanks to laziness I don’t learn languages very well, I didn’t apply for a scholarship for university after graduating from High School, I missed the deadline for that exchange year in the USA, I never finished the PhD in law … Continue reading

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Storm & Sea

When I was a child, I used to run outside and play when it was stormy and rainy. I loved thunderstorms and fierce winds. The worse, the better. Later, as a young adult, when it stormed and rained, I was … Continue reading

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My First Day at School

In Germany, on your first day of school your parents prepare a “Schultüte” for you, which is full of sweets and pencils and crayons and other useful stuff for school. This must have been in 1982.

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Good News!

If you can read this you are alive, you are awake, you are not blind and you have some command of the English language. You also have access to some electronic gadget and the internet, which means you are not … Continue reading

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“For the Rest of my Life”

He closed the heavy door behind him as he left the grand house on Westbourne Terrace. It had become too late to catch a bus and anyway, it was still warm enough to walk. After midnight, London was at its … Continue reading

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