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Don’t be stingy with the translator!

Sometimes, or more specifically when I am about to run out of money, I work as a translator (for English and German). Although I’d much rather translate spy novels, as a lawyer I am of course most qualified for legal … Continue reading

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Not least due to my FAQ on German citizenship law and my corresponding infographic on German citizenship law, which have established this blog as the no. 1 resource on the internet for questions on German citizenship, I receive a lot … Continue reading

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“I ran Iraq for 24 years, and all I got was a port named after me?”

When I saw this in Tallinn, I wondered why on earth any city would name its harbour after Saddam Hussein. Especially so far away from Iraq. Until I realized that “sadam” is Estonian for “harbour”. (Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Fundstücks.)

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Easily confused (30) Brothers

The Brothers Grimm: Grim brothers:

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Language Game

If you need to procrastinate but still want to (pretend that you) do something of educational value, I recommend the “Great Language Game”. You listen to short clips and have to identify the language of the recording. At first you … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam (5) Edward Snowden

“Hi”, said the guy, “I am the spy from Hawaii, but I had to get away.   I went to Hong Kong, but I couldn’t stay long.   I am still a spy and I would like to fly to … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam (4) Running

Excuses? None. So I will go for a run in the sun. That should be fun!

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Sad Things (7) Language Courses

Language Courses that have barely been used. Or not used at all. I believe millions of homes around the world are full of similar displays of short-lived motivation. One of my problems, apart from time and laziness, is that I … Continue reading

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Did you notice the Irony? (7) Guantanamo

When it comes to the future of the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I always wonder why those who are against it are running a campaign called “Close Guantanamo”. I looks to me like Guantanamo is already rather … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (24) Converters

Useful converter: Useless converter:

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