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Film Review: “Argo”

When I was in prison in Iran in 2009, I was hoping for somebody like Tony Mendez to burst open the door to my cell and to whisk me to a waiting helicopter. Except that I hadn’t heard of him at the … Continue reading

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A Nap at the Mosque

The most practical use offered by mosques is that they are a place of silence. Weary travellers may even use them to take a nap. I took this photo on my first trip to Iran in 2008/2009. This is Jameh … Continue reading

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Don’t build a tower when you are drunk!

This is Arg-e Karim Khan in Shiraz, Iran. I took the photo on my first trip to Iran in 2008/2009. Inside is a beautiful garden with ponds and orange trees, as well as a museum. When I visited, there was … Continue reading

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Google Maps knows what is really dangerous

While planning my next adventure, I asked Google Maps for a suggested route for walking from Pakistan to Syria. From my irregular reading of newspapers and my reading of Karl May’s books a little while longer ago, I thought I … Continue reading

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After Obama’s re-election, what is next for Iran?

Last night’s re-election of President Barack Obama as well as the Senate elections and the ballot measures will alter the political landscape in the US more than the 2008 election did, but the rest of the world has mainly been … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Israeli Passport Stamp Problem

When speaking to fellow travellers, globetrotters and Couchsurfers, I am always amazed how many people are afraid of visiting Israel – not because of Hamas’ rockets from Gaza or because of suicide bombers, but because of a stamp in a … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day in the West: Bad Hair Day in Iran: Bad Hair Day in Afghanistan:

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Malta breaking sanctions against Iran

For months, people have asked “What are you actually doing in Malta?” For months, I incessantly maintained my cover story of being a student and a tourist. At least it was a more comfortable cover story than others I had … Continue reading

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Iran wants Peace

Iran wants peace. It’s a peaceful nation. Iran wants to have constructive relations with the rest of the world. Really. I saw it with my own eyes when I was in Iran: Seen and photographed in Shiraz, Iran in January … Continue reading

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Things not to do in Muslim countries, # 2

Don’t climb the pulpit in a mosque and pretend to be an imam! Luckily, not many people were listening to me and my sermon at Vakil Mosque in Shiraz, Iran. Another rule: if you pretend to be an imam, at … Continue reading

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