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Commemorating World War I

For the 100th anniversary of World War I in 2014, the participating countries have different plans to commemorate this 4-year long war: The United Kingdom will hold a military parade in London and bask in memories of the Empire that once spun … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (32) Manuel Valls

Whenever I see Manuel Valls, the new French Prime Minister, I am reminded of Jamie McDonald (actor Paul Higgins), the “crossest man in Scotland” from the film In the Loop:

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Easily Confused # 16 – Tour de France

Number of Tour de France victories by Lance Armstrong: zero Number of my Tour de France victories: zero But I achieved the same result as Lance Armstrong with much less sweat and toil and with fewer lawsuits.

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What did Jérôme Kerviel do wrong?

Today, an Appeals Court in France upheld the conviction of Jérôme Kerviel, a former trader with the French bank Société Générale, sentenced him to serve time in prison and ordered him – rather symbolically I assume – to pay 4.9 billion … Continue reading

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Companies that may want to change their name, # 2

Yesterday and coincidentally while having lunch with a hitchhiker from France, I came across Vichy Water. I wonder if drinking this will turn me into a Nazi collaborator?

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You can’t copy Paris

London, you should not have tried to copy the Eiffel Tower. Even with immense good will on the part of the beholder, it does not look anything like this: With an effort like this, France still doesn’t need to worry … Continue reading

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France, don’t worry about the rich leaving you.

France, first of all congratulations on getting rid of xenophobic Mr Sarkozy. Because of Mr Hollande’s proposed 75% tax rate on incomes of more than 1 million €, some rich residents of France have threatened to leave France. Where do … Continue reading

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