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Big Lemon

When I was in Palermo for New Year’s Eve, I saw this stall with lemons, some of them the size of an American football. They were sold as a snack and I tried one of course. It’s less sour than … Continue reading

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(Discovered at the corner of Corso dei Mille and Via Rocco Pirri in Palermo, Sicily.)

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Catching Dinner is a Lonely Job

(Seen at Capo Milazzo in Sicily on 28 December 2013.)

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Arafat poisoned with Polonium

The news that Yasser Arafat was poisoned with polonium should not come as a surprise for those who know what his favourite restaurant was. Well, Polish cuisine is not for everyone.

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“The Life of Pie”

In my house, The Life of Pie is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”, as Thomas Hobbes would have put it. Well, this was definitely better than the film which had no pie in it at all.

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UN: Eat more Insects to fight World Hunger

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) writes that eating more insects could help fight world hunger. I am doing that already: UN, FAO and world hunger, you are welcome for my help!

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Easily Confused (21) Miranda Rights

Miranda: Mirinda: As I get arrested less often than I get thirsty, I feel like my Mirinda rights are being violated more often.

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Good Intentions

A few weeks ago I determined that I need to lose weight. Since then I realised that my willpower alone would not do it and that I need to change my diet (which so far has consisted mainly of chocolate, … Continue reading

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Meet my Fridge

Very energy-efficient: This is in mid-March. If I am (un)lucky, it will still be working in May. And then again from October onward. (Photographed during a short rest on my hike through Gauja National Park in Latvia.)

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Easily Confused # 16 – Tour de France

Number of Tour de France victories by Lance Armstrong: zero Number of my Tour de France victories: zero But I achieved the same result as Lance Armstrong with much less sweat and toil and with fewer lawsuits.

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