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Photography before Photoshop

While cycling on La Maddalena, an island off the coast of Sardinia, I came across this beautiful bay: This ugly plant in the center of the picture did however disturb my aesthetic feelings. “No problem, I’ll remove that with Photoshop,” … Continue reading

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Man and Nature

Man can erect the most beautiful buildings, which last for 2,500 years and still impress with their shape and size, but the surrounding nature is the true source of beauty. The photos show the temple of Segesta, one of the … Continue reading

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Did you notice the Irony? (11) Climate Refugees

Did you ever notice the irony that lies in us flying to the Maldives, the Seychelles, to Easter Island and everywhere else, thus destroying the world climate with our CO2 emissions, but when climate refugees try to come to Europe … Continue reading

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Utility Outage

This week, I was without electricity (and thus without internet) for half a day after a thunderstorm, I ran out of gas in the kitchen, and I haven’t had water all weekend after the pipe leading to my neighborhood burst. After this experience, … Continue reading

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Did you notice the Irony? (# 6) UN Climate Summit

The last UN Climate Change Summit took place in Doha, capital of Qatar. By choosing this venue, did the UN wish to reward Qatar for its energy and environmental policies? Qatar has by far the world’s highest output of CO2 per … Continue reading

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Scott McKenzie, 1939-2012

I remember that time. I was a little kid back then and I found it strange. All these festivals with guitars and drums in a field. And how I hated these flower patches on my pants. But now most of the … Continue reading

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Smoke & Clouds

It was hard to tell where the smoke ends and the clouds begin. With the right sky as a background, even a polluting factory can look good.

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