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Easily Confused (33) Erasmus students

Young Europeans wasting their lives in 1914: Young Europeans wasting their lives in 1944: Young Europeans wasting their lives in 2014: As much as I question what Erasmus students do during their time abroad, in light of the above comparison even I have … Continue reading

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MA Dissertation on Prisoner Disenfranchisement

Don’t worry, I don’t expect anyone to read this. But for the record and maybe for future reference of some other students working on the same subject, here is my dissertation with a critical look on the political philosophy of … Continue reading

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My First Day at School

In Germany, on your first day of school your parents prepare a “Schultüte” for you, which is full of sweets and pencils and crayons and other useful stuff for school. This must have been in 1982.

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Sad Things (7) Language Courses

Language Courses that have barely been used. Or not used at all. I believe millions of homes around the world are full of similar displays of short-lived motivation. One of my problems, apart from time and laziness, is that I … Continue reading

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Geeks are killing us

When the Canadian Police announced yesterday that they had arrested two terrorist suspects who had planned to derail a train, I immediately had a picture of them in my mind. A stereotypical picture, but one which is sadly too often … Continue reading

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Sad Things (# 5) Talented Teenagers

Sad: Seeing this teenager putting so much time and effort into perfecting a skill which society won’t appreciate and knowing that in 10 years’ time he will be bossed around by one of his former classmates who is much more … Continue reading

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The kind of People who become Lawyers

From an article in The Huffington Post about a young man who took part in a riot: “Rag Gu Rock Gue Kim, also known as Rocky, was caught on video during the June 2011 riot damaging vehicles and trying repeatedly … Continue reading

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The Dildo & Dodo Test

I have come up with the ultimate test to determine someone’s age, their general education and how corrupted or uncorrupted their mind is. The best thing: it’s not some complicated test which takes hours to administer and weeks to evaluate. … Continue reading

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Is there an Alternative to Liberalism?

The final project of the second year (of three) of my MA in Philosophy was supposed to give an answer to the question “Is there a serious alternative to liberalism as a political theory?” Here is what I wrote: I. … Continue reading

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5 Things to avoid when you have to write an Academic Paper

Actually this article attempts to warn you about the 5 things not to do when you should rather engage in any time-consuming and complicated activity, especially when the deadline is close. I use the situation of having to write an academic paper … Continue reading

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