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Utility Outage

This week, I was without electricity (and thus without internet) for half a day after a thunderstorm, I ran out of gas in the kitchen, and I haven’t had water all weekend after the pipe leading to my neighborhood burst. After this experience, … Continue reading

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FIFA Football World Cup in Qatar 2022: the Scorecard

Exact date of the 2022 World Cup: uncertain, because FIFA was surprised by the existence of hot climate on the Arabian peninsula in mid-summer, when Football World Cups are traditionally held. Amount of bribes paid by Qatar to FIFA members: … Continue reading

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Don’t buy Twitter shares!

A few friends of mine in California calling themselves “Twitter“ asked me if I want to buy 70 million of their shares at 26 $ a pop. I did a quick calculation and noticed that I don’t have enough money. Because of … Continue reading

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How fucked up is US immigration policy?

Dear United States of America, you know your immigration policy is fucked up when some start-up entrepreneurs are so fed up with your strict visa requirements for people who wish to work, invest, start companies and create jobs, that they … Continue reading

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How to become a Millionaire

I don’t know why so many people are obsessed with becoming millionaires – or of those who already are, with becoming billionaires. I don’t get the point of collecting more wealth than you can spend. But oddly enough, without striving … Continue reading

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Giving Presents

I don’t receive many presents. But then I give presents even less. Maybe it’s better that way. Receiving or giving presents can be a sad occasion. I remember the times when I was browsing book stores for hours, pondering what … Continue reading

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What China can and can’t do

So the European Union imposed tariffs against Chinese solar panels. This is quite interesting, as it shows us what China can and can’t do, in the eyes of the European Union and its member states. What China can do without … Continue reading

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Another Housing Bubble Burst

News from Oklahoma: another housing bubble burst. (Hat tip to Titanic for the bad taste in humour.)

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People who may want to change their name, # 4

The new governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus will be Panicos Demetriades. Not the best name for the head of the central bank of a  country at the brink of bankruptcy.

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Why I don’t play the Lottery

Because it’s a Soviet scam, a Communist charade: (Photographed at Grutas Park in Lithuania.)

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