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Exclusive: Chinese moon landing is fake

The media are full with stories on a Chinese rover landing and driving around on the moon. In an exclusive scoop I have however uncovered that this whole story is a hoax and a swindle. Last night, when the moon … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize 2013 – four perspectives

10 December 2013, Oslo, Norway: The hitherto largely unknown Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) receives the Nobel Peace Prize, is happy about the free publicity, the effects of which surpass those of all its previous image campaigns, … Continue reading

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What China can and can’t do

So the European Union imposed tariffs against Chinese solar panels. This is quite interesting, as it shows us what China can and can’t do, in the eyes of the European Union and its member states. What China can do without … Continue reading

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I love shortcuts. When I was a child, I walked to elementary school through a dense and dark forest instead of following the well-lit road around it. When I went to high school, there was a shortcut across a derelict … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize 2012 for Liu Xiaobo

My suggestion for the Nobel Peace Prize 2012: Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese writer and human rights activist. Yes, I know that Liu Xiaobo already won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 and I know it would be the first time that … Continue reading

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The Mo Yan Poll

My empty, questioning stare when I heard that this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature would go to the Chinese author Mo Yan showed me three things: that I don’t read enough books, that I don’t read enough literary supplements of … Continue reading

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Dann bleiben Sie doch in China, Herr Ramsauer!

Der deutsche Verkehrsminister Peter Ramsauer kam bei seinem derzeitigen China-Besuch aus dem Staunen nicht mehr heraus. Insbesondere beeindruckt war er vom Transrapid und davon, daß “in China jedes Jahr mehrere Dutzend Flughäfen, 30 bis 40 Bahnhöfe” gebaut werden. China und … Continue reading

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