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I know what happened to Flight MH370

The plot was already outlined years ago in the Tintin book Flight 714. I wouldn’t be surprised if MH370 could be found on some volcanic island to which it has been abducted. (My recent visits to two volcanic islands have nothing … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The Wine-Dark Sea” by Leonardo Sciascia

Whenever I move to a new country, I not only read guidebooks and history books, but I also try to find some novels and stories which portray my new domicile, whether in its contemporary age or in the past. When … Continue reading

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What to do with all the Churches?

When I walked the West Highland Way in Scotland this summer, I couldn’t have known that it’s possible to experience one week of almost non-stop beautiful weather in Scotland. Therefore I had not brought my sleeping bag and had booked … Continue reading

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Easily confused (30) Brothers

The Brothers Grimm: Grim brothers:

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Berlusconi’s library

Italians don’t need any zombie movies because Silvio Berlusconi regularly appears in his video messages. I don’t know if anyone watches them, but these messages seem to give the former Prime Minister a feeling of still being important. In his … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (29) Spies, cold and warm

The spy who came in from the cold: The spy who wants to go to a warm country:

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Giving Presents

I don’t receive many presents. But then I give presents even less. Maybe it’s better that way. Receiving or giving presents can be a sad occasion. I remember the times when I was browsing book stores for hours, pondering what … Continue reading

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Sad Things (7) Language Courses

Language Courses that have barely been used. Or not used at all. I believe millions of homes around the world are full of similar displays of short-lived motivation. One of my problems, apart from time and laziness, is that I … Continue reading

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“The Life of Pie”

In my house, The Life of Pie is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”, as Thomas Hobbes would have put it. Well, this was definitely better than the film which had no pie in it at all.

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Easily Confused (26) Feminism

Feminism, as seen by women: Feminism, as seen by academics: Feminism, as seen by men:

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