The Smoking Volcano and the Setting Sun

Mount Etna (on the left) and the setting sun (on the right). What I couldn’t get on the photo: to my right behind me, Stromboli was emitting smoke as well and to my left behind me there was a rainbow over the long stretch of Capo Milazzo. I didn’t know which way to look first.Etna with sunset from Capo Milazzo

About Andreas Moser

You will most likely find me in the forest, next to the lake, reading a book. Just follow the cigar smoke!
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5 Responses to The Smoking Volcano and the Setting Sun

  1. You’re not alone. Things are rumbling down in El Salvador. And a VERY tall mountain (I forget the name) was spewing earlier this year. Will 2014 be the year of volcano eruptions? (It sure seemed 2013 was an earthquake year. I think somebody’s trying to tell us something… ;) )
    If I don’t catch you tomorrow, have a Happy New Year’s Evening and Day!

  2. Great picture! Have you ever been on the Mount Stromboli? I just love this surrounding.
    Happy New Year and best regards Martina

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