After the Volcano

Yesterday I posted a video of my ascent of the active volcano on the island of Vulcano. In that video, I reported on the lethal dangers which I faced during that excursion. I only became fully aware of the risk to my life when I saw how sulphur or other toxic substances had eaten away at my shoes; even though I had only been on that malicious mountain for a few hours.

shoes after VulcanoOr maybe I was simply wearing a pair of very torn-out shoes.

(Diesen Artikel gibt es auch auf Deutsch.)

About Andreas Moser

You will most likely find me in the forest, next to the lake, reading a book. Just follow the cigar smoke!
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4 Responses to After the Volcano

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  2. dino bragoli says:

    Ha ha, that’s one way of deodourising your trainers!

  3. VisitSiena says:

    heh but still something left :)

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