“Little Nellie” in Sicily

This is to all the doubters who believe that James Bond films are unrealistic fiction: they are not, and if you walk through the world with open eyes and an open mind you will see evidence from time to time. Like I did last week, when I was in the beautiful city of Taormina in Sicily.

I was exploring the Ancient Theatre, both the sea and Mount Etna in sight, when I heard a faint humming approaching quickly. Being trained to identify moving objects by their sound, I couldn’t believe my ears. But as it approached, it was indeed Little Nellie, the gyrocopter from the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

Little Nelly 1 Taormina

Little Nelly 2 TaorminaThis strongly suggests that all the other James Bond gadgets are real too.

(Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels.)

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You will most likely find me in the forest, next to the lake, reading a book. Just follow the cigar smoke!
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2 Responses to “Little Nellie” in Sicily

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  2. Um … not to nitpick, but that’s AN autogyro/gyrocopter, not THE design used in the movie. The pic shows a two-seater, while “Nellie” was a single-seater. I will give you, though, that they are fascinating little birds. Someone around where I live has one – I don’t know where it lives or takes off from, but he has buzzed me a few times. Kinda makes me wish I had actually built that 1:1 scale plastic 88mm Flak gun. Betcha I’d find out REAL quick what the top speed is, if he got a look at it! :D
    Now, if you want something that’s REALLY startling, get up on a ladder about 12′ up in the air, and have a pair of Blackhawk helos come over BELOW tree top level! I swear the door gunner on the second bird was a blonde fellow with green eyes! 8O

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