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The “5 things to do today” blog introduces my suggestions for an interesting day.

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Here are some suggestions from


  1. Turn off your mobile for a day. No, don’t put it on silent, turn it off. And then leave it at home to make sure you don’t get tempted.
  2. Explore your own neighbourhood by going for a walk and turning right at the first intersection, left at the second, right at the third, left at the fourth and so on.
  3. Draw a pirate treasure map and hide it where people can find it.
  4. Eat only vegetarian for a day.
  5. Watch TV, read, write and speak exclusively in a foreign language all day.

I think I will be trying number 2 later.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a journalist, a spy or a hobo.
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  1. You instruction seems to be for someone who doesn’t work and have lots of free time!!!

    • :-) Well, of course! Why would anybody want to lead a different life from that?
      Enjoy your day at the office! (Which can’t be that bad if you can read my blog there. :P)

  2. I generally recommend the “5 things to do today” blog. It has some great ideas every day!

  3. Well, my main problem would be number two. See, the second intersection is about a quarter mile away, and the next intersection down that road is at LEAST two miles away! Four turns, I’d be somewhere just outside Columbus – or Akron – or Toledo! The beauty of the backwoods – not a lot of roads. (Mind you, turning off the mobile isn’t all that necessary, as cell coverage is EXTREMELY sporadic around here. Need a good electromagnetic black hole? Look up “Fresno, Ohio”! :D )

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