Video Blog: Robinson Crusoe

Sometimes, when I am stranded on a new island and I am walking along the beach for hours to see if there is anyone else who is still alive or if I can find some food, I feel like Robinson Crusoe.

What a tough life.

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But cigars are permitted

pipes and cigarettesI discovered this rather selective smoking ban in a deserted village on the island of Caprera off Sardinia.

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Dark clouds are not necessarily bad

… at least not for photographers.

I took so many photos of the church of Saint John at Kaneo in Ohrid in Macedonia, but I’ll share the ones which show that this was not a perfect day. It had been raining on and off, and I spent a few hours walking around, always rushing back to the Orthodox church as soon as the sun broke through the clouds for a minute.

dark clouds Sveto Jovan Ohrid 1 dark clouds Sveto Jovan Ohrid 2 dark clouds Sveto Jovan Ohrid 3Patience (lucky me that I had cigars and a book with me) and seeking out a good spot while it was still overcast paid off.

(Hier geht es zur deutschen Fassung.)

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Is Albania already in the EU?

Not yet. Only in June 2014 Albania received the official status as a candidate for accession to the EU. Now the negotiations will start for real, and this process usually takes years.

Travelling through Albania, one might however gain a different impression. Whether out of anticipation or out of self-confidence, the EU flag already flies in front of public buildings.

EU flag in AlbaniaNice to see that the EU still has a positive appeal. Don’t listen to all the crisis talk! If you want to understand Europe, you have to travel more instead of reading British tabloids or attending UKIP rallies.

(The photo shows the police station of Vlora in July 2014. – Klicken Sie hier, um diesen Beitrag auf Deutsch zu lesen.)

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We are so indipendent…

… that we can even ignore regular English spelling.

indipendencePhotographed in Vlora, where in 1912 the independence – or indipendence – of Albania from the Ottoman Empire was proclaimed. – To be fair though, throughout Albania I experienced a very high level of English (and additionally German or Italian in some cases) being spoken.

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Basketball in Scotland

The loneliest basketball court I have ever seen. Somewhere in Scotland, along the West Highland Way.


Unfortunately I had forgotten to take a basketball with me on the 154-km hike. When might have been the last time that someone played here?

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You need a parasol?

When I went to Greece, I forgot to take my stylish Panama hat. Walking along the promenade in Thessaloniki and suffering from the sun, I found relief in the form of public parasols. Good that it was early in the day, so that there were still plenty of parasols left.

parasol Thessaloniki 1

parasol Thessaloniki 2

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